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Sente Makina İnş. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Sente Makina manufactures machines for air ducting industry.

Sente Makina İnş. San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti. was established in 1994.We have been operating in Istanbul. We have been growing rapidly in a short time and now we are continuing our production activities in an area of ​​6000 m2.

Until 2003, we produced artificial leather and plastic pipe machines as well as various machines and equipments.


As a result of R & D activities that have been carried out since 2001, we started to produce ventilation ducting machines .İt was started with auto duct former and seam closer .And then we continued this process with a plasma cutting machine.


As the production of square and rectangular  ducting machines continued, we started to produce round ducting machines  as well by analyzing the requirements  in the market.  we have currently  46 kinds of machinery in our production portfolio.


As Sente Machinery, we export 60% of our products to many markets including Europe and Middle East  and meet the needs of the market.


By following the developing technology and making the necessary investments for resarch and development ,

We have been able to produce the machines  with our qualified personnel and expert staff in our own labor and honesty .



  As Sente Makine, our main goal is to be a company that is also committed to innovations in the sector as well as for profit. We have realized many innovations by developing existing systems with the projects .


The main examples are the  stith welding machine with high frequency transformer ,fully automated  tube former  machine which works between 1000-1500 mm diameter, self flanged line .



For Turkey ,as Sente  makina ,we will continue on our way without stopping  .


To be a competitive company with our innovative, high quality and responsible approach in the global market.


We add value to the market with our quality and innovative projects by adopting a reliable and dynamic service approach.


By adapting  ourselves to changing technology, increasing our customer portfolio by diversifying our effectiveness in the market and maintaining our leading position in the sector. We reduce the product costs of our customers without compromising quality.


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