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Oval Roller Machine

 Oval Roller machine is a machine to roll the sheet according to entered oval size on PLC screen. Oval Roller Machine rolls oval elbow, oval reducer and T-pieces parts which are necesary for oval duct systems. Standart oval sizes are in the PLC screen memory and manual Rolling option is also available for special sizes. Machine Works by foot pedal. It allows a smooth production with the automation system.

Benefits of Oval Duct Comparing to Rectangular Duct:

  • Better air flow
  • Easy Installation
  • Less assembly material
  • Less space
  • More strength
  • Modern Design

Technical Details:



Max.Material Length1220 mm
Max. Sheet Thickness1.0 mm
Min. Radius-Thickness45 mm (0,5 mm)

38 mm (1,0 mm)

Rollers diameter60 mm
Working Speed9m/min
Power50-60 Hz 380 V
Sizes L x W x H1905 x 724 x 1345 mm
Weight340 kg

Category :

Spiral Duct

Date :

28 August 2018