Plasma Cutting Machine

Thanks to the plasma cutting machine having cutting dimensions of 3000 x 1500 mm, you can easily cut your own expansions and drawings. In the cutting program, we use the drawing of parts needed by the ventilation market who is readily available. You can cut the existing parts by simply dimensioning as well as you draw and cut any part you needed. Machine allows you to cut up to 5mm galvanized sheet and aluminium. All datas can be transferred to the touch screen panel.


Plasma Cutting Machine 3.200 x 1.500 mm. with the working area, all kinds of geometric in 2 axes It has the ability to cut shape. Cutting in the most economical way thanks to the special program used can do. In the cutting program we use, the parts needed by the ventilation sector pictures are available.

You can measure and cut existing parts. Also dxf by drawing any part you need It is possible to import and cut in format. your stainless and galvanized sheets sensitive, smooth You can cut it.

Thanks to the touch screen, there is no need for a keyboard and mouse. All kinds of outside The data can be transferred or received to the touch computer. It can be connected to any computer with the network system.

Solid slag is collected with the help of the movable dust chamber under the bridge.

* In addition, if a suction fan is connected to this unit, the resulting smoke is filtered and given back to the environment.

Latest version Unlimited License ‹ Autodesk Fabrication Camduct › program, next to the machine will be given free of charge.

Technical Details

Power 7 KW
Voltage-Frequency 380/400  VAC / 50 – 60 Hz / 3Ph+PE
Current 18 A
Air Need 189 l/min
Air Pressure 7 bar
Net Working Area 3200 x 1500 mm
Maximum Working Speed 25 m / min
Cut Speed 7-9 m / min
Table Carrying Capacity 1200 Nm2
Sheet Thickness (Optional) 0,50mm – 5,0mm Galvanize, Aluminium

0,50mm – 3,0mm Stainless Steel, Black DKP/HRP

Machine Weight 970 kg
Motion Control System X and Y Axis Timing Belt, Z Axis Pneumatic
Motor : 400 Watt  Servo
Motion Control System/ Software : Pulser CNC Control /

Autodesk Fabrication Cam Duct (Latest Version) (Licensed)

Sensitivity ±0,5 mm
Option 1  : 6000 mm x 1500 mm
Option 2  : Ultracut 100 HD
Option 3 : Hypertherm Powermax 45/6



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