Square Duct Mini Line

The MINILINE Machine is designed and manufactured to produce square ventilation ducts by cutting and bending roll sheets to specified dimensions.

Two separate machines and more personnel are needed to perform the same operation. With this machine, production can be done quickly, accurately, and economically with less space and fewer personnel. The machine prevents sheet waste, reducing production waste by approximately 20%.

These production conditions will allow you to profit in the short term, increase your market share, and produce guaranteed goods.


The Square Duct Mini Line Machine produces square and rectangular section ducts by bending and cutting roll sheets to specified dimensions. The Mini Line Machine offers the ability to produce ducts in a smaller space with high quality, standard, and efficient production. Due to its small size, it can be easily transported and used in construction sites and similar areas. Data entry and production monitoring are done via the PLC-controlled touch control screen (operator panel). The machine stores the duct information produced from the first day it is used. This feature provides access to all previous production information.


Technical Specifications

Power : 4 KW
Voltage Frequency : 380/400VAC 50-60 Hz 3Ph+PE
Current : 10A
Air Pressure / Consumption: 6 Bar / 449 lt/min
Hydraulic Unit : No
Lubrication : Automatic
Feeding Speed Range : 6m/min
Bendable Duct Length : Minimum 125x125mm
Working Speed : 250x250mm Duct Production Speed 1.10 min/unit
Max. Production Capacity : 800 m²/day ± 1 m² (For 8 Hours)
Bendable Duct Type : Flat Sheet, L Type Duct, U Type Duct, Square Duct
Seam Types : Pittsburgh, Snaplock, Nulock
Coil Sheet Dimensions : Inner Diameter: Ø508mm / Max. Sheet Width 1500mm / 4 Ton
Sheet Thicknesses : 0.5 – 1.2mm Galvanized / 0.5 – 0.8mm Stainless
Machine Dimensions : 3.7m x 2.2m x 1.5m (With 1 Coil Opener)
Machine Weight : 2240 Kg
Pattern Cylinder : Z Trapezoid Pattern
Pattern Options : Z-U / Trapezoid-U
Options : *Sente Form Unit
*Label Machine