Auto Duct Former Mini Line

Miniline machine has the same characteristics with Auto Duct Former .The only difference is the quantity of the uncoilers and selector unit. Miniline has got just one uncoiler and it has not got selector group. In order to produce 200*200 duct; you only need to spend 45 seconds.


The Square Duct Mini Line Machine is designed to manufacture square and rectangular cross-section ducts by bending and cutting coil sheets to specified dimensions. This Mini Line Machine presents a unique advantage for producing high-quality, standardized, and rapid ducts within a compact footprint. Its compact size enables easy transportation to construction sites and other locations, making it a versatile choice.

Machine operation and production monitoring are effciently managed through the PLC-controlled touch control screen, known as the operator panel. Additionally, the machinery retains a comprehensive database of channel information produced from day one of its use. This invaluable feature streamlines historical production records and control by granting access to comprehensive records of all prior production runs.