Auto Seamer Duct Line

Horizontal Sealing Duct Machine can be used to square and It produces rectangular sectioned ducts and closes the produced duct without separating it from the machine.
Information input to the machine and monitoring of production is done through PLC controlled touch control screen (operator panel). The machine stores the channel information produced since the first day it was used. This feature provides access to previous productions.


The Horizontal Covered Duct Machine is engineered for the precise fabrication of square or rectangular cross-section ducts by bending and cutting coil sheets to specified dimensions. Remarkably, it accomplishes the sealing process without requiring the channel to be separated from the machine.
Data entry and production monitoring are seamlessly managed through the PLC-controlled touch screen, accessible via the control screen (operator panel). The machine retains a comprehensive database of channel information, encompassing productions since its initial use. This invaluable feature provides quick access to historical production data.
Operating quietly and effciently, the machine is user-friendly. In comparison to similar machines, it excels in creating tighter seals, resulting in reduced air permeability.