Auto Duct Former

The machine can produce U shaped, L shaped and flat shaped plate and in addition to producing duct with rectangle and square profile. Besides; it can automatically give you Pittsburgh, Snaploc, and Nulock allowences .It is driven by pneumatics , for this reason it is an extremely fast machine .In order to produce 200*200 duct; you only need to spend 45 seconds.


The Square Duct Machine has been meticulously designed for the precision bending and cutting of sheet metal to produce square and rectangular cross-section ducts. These machines excel in delivering swift duct production without compromising on quality standards. By minimizing production losses, they enhance effciency and reduce overall production costs, thereby streamlining the manufacturing process to be more effcient and cost-effective. The Square Channel Machine also possesses a valuable memory feature that stores channel information generated during the production process. This functionality allows for continuous learning and improvement based on past experiences. Designed to meet contemporary industrial production needs, the Square Channel Machine offers a high-quality and efcient solution. It consistently produces channels in strict adherence to industry standards, ensuring precision and uniformity. Operators find it user-friendly, thanks to the intuitive touch control screen that enhances production effciency and control. Compared to older systems, the Square Channel Machine incorporates advanced technology and innovative features, elevating production effciency within the sector to new heights.