Slide On Flange Machine

TDC Flange Machine offers you to produce flanges in your facility with high quality. Prevents the air leakage inside the flange by using silicone mastic.


  • Decoiler
  • Rollforming unit
  • PLC control system
  • Silicone tank
  • Run-off table
  • Flying saw


The Flange Machine is specifically designed for producing the necessary flange profiles for square cross-section ducts. During the flange production process on this machine, superior sealing is achieved through the use of a special blended mastic. Thanks to its PLC control system, this machine ensures high-speed and high-quality flange production. The machine comes equipped with an automatic tilting table featuring right and left hoppers, facilitating easy packaging and transportation of the produced flanges. To achieve a smoother flange shape, the machine’s roller unit consists of 24 stations. Moreover, it offers the capability to imprint desired text onto the resulting flanges using a spool.

Groups in the Machine:
-Uncoiler -Cutting Unit – Run-Off Table -Roll Forming Unit -Silicone Unit -PLC Control Screen