Cylinder Oval Machine

Oval Roller machine is a machine to roll the sheet according to entered oval size on PLC screen. Oval Roller Machine rolls oval elbow, oval reducer and T-pieces parts which are necesary for oval duct systems. Standart oval sizes are in the PLC screen memory and manual Rolling option is also available for special sizes. Machine Works by foot pedal. It allows a smooth production with the automation system.


This machine is designed to produce oval channel fitting segments by bending sheet metal sheets between cylinders. It boasts PLC control, enabling seamless automation of all operations based on the data input through the screen. When the minor and major measurements of the oval canal are entered, the sheet metal opening dimensions are automatically calculated and projected on the screen. This process eliminates the possibility of errors in calculations that an operator might make.

Technicial Specifications

Power : 1,9 KW
Voltage-Frequency : 50 Hz / 3Ph+N+PE
Current : 8,5 A
Servo Motor : 400 KW
Reducer Motor : 0,75 KW
Maximum Sheet Thickness : 1,0 mm
Maximum Sheet Width : 1250mm
Minimum Radius : R45 mm
Cylinder Diameter : 60mm
Machine Dimensions : 1905mm x 724mm x 1345mm
Machine Weight : 350 Kg




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