Lock Former Machine

If you would like to manufacture ducts and elbows in bigger dimensions, then you need to use thicker material. In these kinds of processes, the seam type and forming type becomes much important. This machine allows you to make snaplock and Pittsburgh clamps. Machine has got 9 stations. Although the Pittsburgh forming takes more time and a little bit difficult to make, the strength is much better.Comparing to Pittsburgh forming, snaplock forming is much easier. In snaplock forming, two clamps pushed in to each other.This machine allows you both types of forming, which you will decide to use.Besides this, there are also different types of roller sets which also allows you to make different forming (clamp).


Lock Former machine is employed to join fitting parts by working along the edges of sheet metal. It prepares these two parts by shaping them into the appropriate form prior to their joining. The machine is equipped with two sets of rollers, with the shaping reels on the machine adaptable to various channel combinations. The adjustable roller group allows for pre-bending at the desired angle.

Standard seam types available on the machine:
• Pitsburgh Seam
• Snaplock Seam
• Drive Cleat Seam
• S & Drive S Cleat Seam
• Longitudinal Seam
• Single and double Standing Seam

Technical Details

Power 3 KW
Voltage-Frequency 380/400 VAC / 50 – 60 Hz / 3Ph+N+PE
Current 7,8A
Sheet Thickness 0,5 – 1,0mm Galvanize

0,5 – 0,7 mm Stainless Steel, Aluminium

1mm – 1,2 mm Arası Galvanize

Machine Weight 410 Kg
Machine Dimensions 2,2m x 0,66m x 1,07m



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