High Frequency Stitchwelder Machine

It allows you to weld the cırcular fıttıngs The electricity consumption is 2/3 less than the other stitch welders.


This machine is employed to seamlessly combine round and flat sheets, achieving high-quality results without any burning. Equipped with a user-friendly PLC touch screen, the machine operates fully automatically and is exceptionally easy to use. This automation significantly reduces the risk of operator errors while saving time and labor. The machine oers both pulsed stitching for galvanized sheets and continuous stitching for stainless steel. When compared to similar machines, it presents several economic advantages:

• Copper wire recycling within the machine conserves resources.
• The machine’s low wire seam allowance results in sheet metal savings.
• Energy effciency is enhanced through the use of a medium-frequency transformer (PATENTED).
• Automatic sheet height detection further streamlines the process, saving valuable time.

Technical Details

Power : 26KW
Voltage-Frequency : 380/400 VAC / 50 Hz / 3Ph+N+PE
Current : 63 A
Air Pressure : 6 Bar / 2 lt/min
Diameter Range : Ø80mm – Ø1250mm
Working Speed : 2 m/min – 8m/min
Wire Diameter : 2,0mm
Sheet Thickness : 0,5mm – 1,0mm Galvanize and Stainless Steel
Overlap : 10mm
Optional Weld Length : 50mm – 1000mm / 50mm – 1250mm
Cooling Unit : Yes
Machine Dimensions : 2400mm x 1000mm x 1700mm
Machine Weight : 700 Kg



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