Fittings Rounder

Fittings Rounder is a very useful machine used to round the inside and the outside parts of air duct’s elbow. İt’s sliding rollers allows pre-seamed parts to be rounded without closing thier seams..


The Fittings Rounder is an invaluable machine used to round both the inside and outside parts of air duct elbows. Its sliding rollers allow pre-seamed parts to be rounded without closing their seams.

Technical Details

Power : 1,5KW
Voltage-Frequency : 220/2300 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 1P+N+PE
Current : 6,8 A
Working Speed : 10 m/min
Lubrication: Manuel
Control Type : Dual Foot Pedal (Back and Forward)
Maximum Sheet Width : 1500mm
Minimum Sheet Width : 120mm
Minimum Radius : 200mm
Seam Type : Snaplock, Pittsburgh
Sheet Thickness : 0,5mm – 1,2mm
Machine Dimensions : 2300mm x 650mm x 1100mm



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