Seam Closer

This machine is designed to seam the rectangular ducts, square ducts and plain sheets. The machine can make both rectangular and square duct form clamps. The clamping job formed in three stages. Firstly, it is rollformes to both sheets at the front bending. Secondly, conjunction of the two sheets is obtained and lastly the clamp is made. Besides silent operation of the machine, it is easy to use and economical with its output and energy saving features. Among the similar machines with its clamp (seaming) type it is tighter and has less air leakage it has got special roller lits, which are highly resistant to friction and break downs. The operation time is 15-20 seconds. This machine is only market he nulock type of seaming. + 8 – 16 mm clamp portion in 0.5 – 1 mm sheet thickness


This machine is specifically designed for sealing square or rectangular cross-section ventilation ducts after production. It achieves this
through the use of the widely adopted nulock clamp system, commonly used in ventilation systems.
Notable for its quiet operation, rapid performance, and user-friendly this machine oers substantial economic savings. Compared to similar
machines, it excels in producing tighter and more airtight seals, minimizing air permeability.