Plasma Cutting Machine

Thanks to the plasma cutting machine having cutting dimensions of 3000 x 1500 mm, you can easily cut your own expansions and drawings. In the cutting program, we use the drawing of parts needed by the ventilation market who is readily available. You can cut the existing parts by simply dimensioning as well as you draw and cut any part you needed. Machine allows you to cut up to 5mm galvanized sheet and aluminium. All datas can be transferred to the touch screen panel.


The Plasma Cutting Machine, with a working area of 3,200 x 1,500 mm, offers the versatility to create various geometric shapes in two axes. Its cutting capabilities are optimized thanks to a specialized program that ensures economical cutting. Our cutting program includes pre-designed parts specifically tailored for the ventilation industry, simplifying the production process. Additionally, you have the flexibility to import DXF-format drawings for custom parts, just like measuring and cutting existing ones. This machine delivers precise and smooth cuts on stainless and galvanized sheets. The user-friendly touch screen eliminates the need for a keyboard and mouse, facilitating the transfer of external data to the touch computer and allowing connectivity with other computers via a network system.
Solid slag is effciently collected using a movable dust chamber located beneath the bridge. Furthermore, when connected to a suction fan, this unit filters and cleans resulting smoke before returning it to the environment.