Profiling Machine

This machine allows you to make a reinforcement for ducts. It is very easy to use. You can use this machine in order to make Z design, Trapezoid design or U bead form.


Profiling Machine is for ventilation ducts is engineered to enhance the surface strength needed while achieving desired patterns. This machine is user-friendly, swift, and securely fixed to an ergonomic structure. It creates patterns such as Z-pattern or Trapezoidal marks on galvanised workpieces cut in various shapes.

Technical Details

Power : 0,75 KW
Voltage-Frequency : 380/400V / 50 Hz / 3Ph+N+PE
Current : 2A
Working Speed : 15 m/min
Sheet Thickness : 0,40mm – 1,20mm Galvanize
Maximum Product Width : Maximum 2500mm
Maximum Product Length : Unlimited
Trapezoidal Design Profile Height : Minimum 0,50 mm – Maximum 3,0mm
Optional Roller Types : Z Design , U Design, Trapez Design
Edge Guidance : Yes. Adjustable.
Machine Weight : 1250 Kg
Machine Dimensions : 3,1m x 1,24m x 1,28m



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