Vertical Seam Closer

This machine allows you to seam your pitsburgh seam type rectangular ducts automatically. Fast and with less noise.


This machine is designed for post-production sealing of square or rectangular cross-section ventilation ducts. It effciently performs the closing process using the Pittsburgh seam method, resulting in a tighter
clamp shape and reduced air permeability. It is compatible with all flange types, operates quickly, and user-friendly.

Technical Details

Power : 4 KW
Voltage-Frequency : 380/400V / 50 Hz / 3Ph+N+PE
Current : 10,5A
Sheet Thickness : 0,50mm – 1,20mm
Duct Length : 1000mm – 1500mm
Duct Flange Size : Suitable for All Flange Forms
Hydraulic Oil Capacity : 80L
Machine Dimensions : 1100mm x 900mm x 2100mm
Machine Weight : 1000 Kg



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