Tube Former With Slitter

Tube former machine is designed to produce ducts in desired diameter and length. The machine is more economic and easy to operate than the others. It has a high quality seaming process. Alternative to standard diameters, it is possible to produce endless pipe in different dimensions. Manufactured ducts fulfil the requirements for EUROVENT and SMACNA.

Cutting process is made by knife (Slitter). Cutting unit is hydraulic driven. Forming and seaming are designed mechanically by the rollers. Lubricant is used during the seaming process.


The Round Duct Machine is meticulously engineered to fabricate ducts of precise length and diameter, adhering to Eurovent and Smacna standards. The machine employs a hydraulic system for clamping and cutting operations, ensuring a secure clamp and burr-free cutting. Furthermore, the inclusion of a tilting table facilitates the effortless placement of the produced channels into a hopper for easy transportation. This versatile machine accommodates the production of ducts in standard diameters as well as custom sizes.