Elbow Maker Machine

This machine allows you to make the round fittings for the round ducts. And also allows you to make the necessary preparation before the connection. It allows you to manufacture the round ducts according to the SMACNA and EUROVENT standards.

  • Hardened steel is used for the rotating tools.
  • No maintenance, no lubrication is needed.
  • Dual working station.


This machine is designed to assemble round cross-section segments, obtained by cutting on a plasma cutting machine, into a complete ductwork system. The machine comprises two stations: the first station opens male and female flange locations for the segments, while the assembly and closing process is carried out at the second station. With the power of its hydro motors, this machine can effciently process materials up to 1.2mm in thickness, making it ideal for the production of elbows, reducers, and terminations with a thickness range of 0.5-1.2mm. The resulting circular section liftings meet standard requirements, boasting high-quality and leak-proof construction. Notably, the machine accommodates the simultaneous work of two employees, and its quick transition between dierent diameters leads to an 80% reduction in both time and labor.

*It consists of two parts: Preparation Unit and Closing Unit.