Plasma Feeder

This machine allows you to reduce the waste material during operatıons. It saves you time during the operation. This machine takes the sheet from the uncoıler and feeds on to the plasma cutter table. It also makes the straightening during the operation.


One of the primary challenges with plasma machines is the wastage of sheet metal, particularly in the last portion of the sheet, which often lies outside the cutting area and is discarded unused. To address this issue, our sheet feeding unit plays a crucial role by retrieving the sheet from the rolled stock, straightening it, and then delivering it to the plasma machine. This ecient process not only minimizes the waste of pre-cut sheet metal but also saves valuable time for the operator, who would otherwise be engaged in manually cutting with the plasma machine.

Technical Details

Power : 2,2 KW
Voltage-Frequency : 380/400V / 50 Hz / 3Ph+N+PE
Current : 6A
Feeding Speed : Average: 4 mt/min
Sheet Thickness : 0,50mm – 1,20mm
Machine Dimensions : 1,22m x 2,18m x 1,2m
Machine Weight : 880 Kg
Options : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 With Feed and Uncoiler


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