Fully Automated Ducting Machine ”U”

This production line is made to produce self flanged TDF/TDC ducts. The machine is controlled by a PLC control system which allows all the operations to be controlled automatically. Also each station could be separately controlled from the control panel, in this way a standard slide on flange type rectangular duct could be produced. With this machine there will be no need for a flange and lock former machine so it helps you to manufacture ducts with cost efficiency quickly and precisely with less personnel.


This production line specializes in the automated manufacture of self-flanged square ducts, effciently managed through PLC control. Notably, individual stations can also be controlled independently via the control panel, allowing for the production of square ducts with standard knock-on flanges. The machine is a versatile all-in-one solution, encompassing the functions of square channel, seam, and flange machines. This
consolidation results in significant time and labor savings, streamlining production processes and reducing the potential for operator-related errors.

Machines and groups on the line;
Note: Channels are automatically forwarded between these groups.
– Uncoilers (Optionally),
– Auto Duct Forming Machine With Notching System,
– Lock Forming Group,
– Flange Group,
– Bending Group,
– Transfer Group,

Technical Details

Power : 31,2 KW
Voltage-Frequency : 380/400V / 50 Hz / 3Ph+N+PE
Notching Type : TDF & TDC
Sheet Thickness : Galvanize: 0,50mm – 1,20mm / Stainless Steel: 0,50mm – 0,8mm
Sheet Width : 1200mm – 1250mm – 1500mm
Sheet Width Tolerance : +/- 0,5mm
Diagonal Tolerance : +/- 0,8mm
Speed : 6 m/min
Hydraulic Unit : Yes
Prismatic Duct Size : Minimum 150mm x 1700mm / Max. 900mm x 900mm
L-Length Duct Size : Minimum 150mm x 3550mm / Max. 1800mm x 1800mm
Machine Dimensions : 15mt x 7mt



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