Auto Duct Forming Machine With Cassette

This machine and Auto Duct Forming Machine With Notchers has the same characteristics in addition to it’s cassette system. It is a very helpful machine in order to produce TDF/TDC self langed duct as it makes C and P notches to make the sheet metal ready to be feed to TDF/TDC flange forming machine.

Also it eliminates the need for a lock forming machine as it makes pitsburgh’s male and female which decreases production time and effort and increases your profit.


The Cassette Square Channel machine is essentially the cassette version of the Punch Square Duct Machine. It’s equipped with a hydraulic cutting unit that effciently prepares the corner discharge channel by cutting the discharges, allowing for the creation of C and P notches for self-flanged square ducts.

Additionally, the cassette system on this machine offers the unique capability to produce both male and female Pittsburgh joining geometries simultaneously. This innovation not only saves valuable time for manufacturers but also eliminates the need for a separate seaming machine.

As an option, the cassette system can be disabled, allowing for the production of classic square channels. User-friendly operations, including data entry and production monitoring, are facilitated through the PLC-controlled touch control screen, also known as the operator panel. With these features in place, the machine is ready for immediate use.