Ovalizer Machine

This machine transforms spiral ducts to Oval shape which gives the duct a better air flow as a spiral duct and a small size as a rectangual duct with a modern design. All standard diameters diffirent molds are found.


The Ovalizer Machine offers the capability to transform your round ducts and fittings into oval shapes, combining the airflow advantages of round ducts with space-saving benefits similar to square ducts. Its modern design aligns perfectly with the demands of the ventilation industry. Customized molds are available for all standard diameters, allowing for versatile applications. Machine control is seamlessly managed via a user-friendly touch screen interface, while the robust hydraulic system ensures the production of high-quality, smoothly shaped oval products.
Furthermore, the machine simplifies operations by deriving the required diameter from the screen based on the minor and major measurements input, enhancing ease of use.

Groups in the machine;
– Mold Set – Mold Hanger