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2 mm Auto Duct Former Machine (ADFF)

The machine can produce U shaped, L shaped and flat shaped this plate without programming in addition to producing duct with rectangular shape. It is driven by hydraulics, for this reason it is an extremely fast machine.

Machine’s groups;

– uncoiler for 2mm with motor. -2mm TDC bending machine

– 2mm-35mm TDCflange machine. -2mm-Auto duct with notching system.




Model Semi Automatic Line Full-Automatic Line

Motor Power

-2mm-Auto Duct With Notching System 4.4 Kw

-2mm-35mm Flange Machine 5.5 Kw

-2mm- Bending Machine: 4.0kw

-2mm-Uncoiler: 0.75kw





Total: 19 Kw

Operation Voltage 380 Vac/50-60 Hz / 3ph+Pe 380 Vac/50-60 Hz / 3 Ph+Pe
Thickness 1.5-2 Mm Galvanised 1.5-2 Mm Galvanised
Sheet Width Min- 1200mm Max-1500 Mm Min- 1200mm Max-1500 Mm
Feeding Speed 4 Mt/Min. 4 Mt/Min.
Minimum Duct Size 200×200 Mm 200×200 Mm



2mm-35mm Flange Machine 4000x2200x1250

2mm- Bending Machine 2000x850x1250

2mm-Uncoiler 2150x1700x800

2mm-Auto Duct Former With Notching System 2300x2250x1300



Length 13250

Width: 2300 Mm

Height: 1800mm


2mm-35mm Flange Machine 2600kg

2mm-Bending Machine 1100kg

2mm-Uncoiler 600 Kg

2mm- Auto Duct Former With Notching System 2200kg



Full Line’s Weight : 7000 Kg

Uncoiler Capacity 1500mm Width, 7 Ton Weight (Motor+Reducer) 1500mm Width, 7 Ton Weight (Motor+Reducer)
Lubrication Automatic Automatic
Seam Type Welding Welding
Sheet Transfer Manual Automatic

Category :

Self Flanged Duct

Date :

28 August 2018