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Auto Duct Forming Machine With Cassette

This machine and Auto Duct Forming Machine With Notchers has the same characteristics in addition to it’s cassette system. It is a very helpful machine in order to produce TDF/TDC self langed duct as it makes C and P notches to make the sheet metal ready to be feed to TDF/TDC flange forming machine. Also it eliminates the need for a lock forming machine as it makes pitsburgh’s male and female which decreases production time and effort and increases your profit.

The machine can be arranged for both slide on flange and TDF/TDC flange type, this could be done easily from its touch screen.

The machine is fully controlled by an advanced plc system which means you only have to enter production’s details from machine’s touch screen and all the operations will be done automatically also it will keep production’s record for you to check it when needed.

Technical Details

Power 10 KW
Voltage – Frequency 380/400 VAC 50-60 Hz 3Ph+Pe
Current 15 A
Air Consumption 6 Bar 8 lt/min
Lubricition Automatic
Feeding Speed 6 mt/min
Notch Type TDF , TDC
Minimum Duct Size 150×150 mm
Type of Bended Duct L Type, U Type, Full Duct, Straight Sheet
Seam Types Pitssburgh, Snaplock, Nulock)
Uncoiler Capacity İnner Dia Ø508 mm

Max. Width 1500mm Max. 5/7 Ton (Optional)

Uncoiler Number (Optional) 1 – 6 (Standart 3 Uncoilers)
Thickness Range Of Plate 0,5 – 1,25 mm Galvanize , Aluminium

0,5 – 1 mm Stainless Steel

Dimensions 8,7mt x 4,7mt (With 3 Uncoilers)
Weight 4000 Kg
Design Cylinder Z Design
Options -Double Design Cylinder (Z + Trapez Profile)

-Automatic Labelling System

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Prismatic Duct

Date :

2 April 2020