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Segmented Blades Folding Machine

With its strong welded steel frame this machine can fold sheets made from different materials such as galvanized steel, aluminum, zinc and stainless steel.

Also duo to its diffirent sized segmented blades, it could easily fold different sized boxes.

And thanks to its supportive springs, the power needed to make the fold is greatly reduced to be suitable for hand operatining.

Technical Details

Power N/A
Maksimum Sheet Width 2000 mm
Maksimum Sheet Thickness Galvanize 1 mm

Stainless Steel 0,7mm

Aluminum 1,5 mm

Zinc 2 mm

Top Segments Qty / Dimensions 1 of Each 100mm Left and Right Corner Piece

1 of Each 30/40/60/70 mm Piece

16 of Middle 100mm Piece

Bottom Segments Height 60 mm
Dimensions 2500mm x 750mm x 1160mm
Weight 750 Kg

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Category :

Prismatic Duct

Date :

8 April 2020